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SX Mini T Class - YiHi - Mod elettroniche - Captain

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YiHi is one of the biggest names in high-performance vaping. It’s a chipset and it comes inside many a high-end vape mod. But the best YiHi experiences are ALWAYS inside SXMini mods. And today we’re gonna be looking at a brand new one.

The YiHi SXMini T Class Box Mod.
Building on from the SXMini G-Class, the T Class vape mod features new styling, a new look and feel, and the YiHi SX580J chipset – one of the best in the biz.
It also packs in two, dedicated fidget spinners – one on the body and one where the tank connects. Available in five color options, the YiHi SXMini T Class Box Mod is very handsome.
It’s compact and features a very unique, ergonomic design that a lot of vapers will enjoy.