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Kit GBox Squonker ave Radar RDA - Geek vape - Rosso

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GeekVape produced a new product- GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Mod, and it is included in GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Kit, featuring powerful and accurate AS chipset, supporting maximum 200W output power and multiple modes. Powered by dual 18650 batteries(sold separately), the GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Mod is furnished with an enlarged OLED display, presenting some useful and important information to vapers clearly and precisely. The GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Mod houses an 8ml squeeze bottle, allowing you to take puffs throughout the day. Pairing with a GeekVape Radar RDA, the GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Mod is a state-of-art device for e-cigarette fans.

Included in GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Kit is the GeekVape Radar RDA  as a well-functioning rebuild-able dripping atomizer, featuring adjustable airflow valves and innovative and convenient dual-coil builds. The GeekVape Radar is designed with a logo on its side sleeve. This device comes in a deep juice well, allowing you to take many puffs throughout the day. The GeekVape Radar comes in two drip tips options as well as multiple colors, and you can choose one of them to meet your needs. At its bottom, there is a bottom feeding pin available, which attracts many Suqonk paranoids and is suitable for many Suquonk mods like the GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Mod or GeekVape Athena Mechanical Squonk Mod